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Drone Cinematography


We offer a full range of drone cinematography platforms to suit different requirements. We listen to each creative and practical brief so we can offer a range of solutions. In the hands of our elite pilots our heavy lift and Inspire 3 drones can deliver precise, nimble moves as well as breathtaking shots.


Our super-heavy-lift drones with Ronin 2 gimbal are capable of carrying extensive camera and lens combination from the ARRI 235 with 400ft mag, Ultra Prime, CMotion LCS, Cobham VTX to digital packages including our in house ARRI Mini LF and RED Raptor, the Sony Venice 1 & 2 and the ARRI Alexa 35. Lens weights vary depending on the camera package but include Zeiss Master primes & master anamorphics, LW zooms and Signature Primes. 


These platforms are typically used for work closest to cast or in congested areas, where we have special CAA exemption to operate as close as 10m from uninvolved people and uncontrolled roads. 


We are hugely impressed with this small lightweight aircraft. It's fast and nimble and the DJI RTK module adds new functionality enabling repeatable moves. The 8K full sensor camera has 4 interchangeable DL mount lenses which work seamlessly with the new DJI LCS


We have years of safety experience working in congested areas, building trusted networks with stakeholders so that the most challenging requests can be achieved safely.


This is a key part of how we can contribute to visual storytelling. We have bespoke tools designed for hand catching and launching aircraft to enable shot transition between aerial and handheld. 


We have one of the largest heavy lift and FPV drone fleets in Europe with extensive support equipment managed by our dedicated kitroom manager. We carry back ups on every job and our ancillary equipment is first-rate , meaning our teams' seamlessly integrate with the camera department. All camera packages fly with CMotion LCS and Cobham VTX for maximum robustness and reliability in the air

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