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The Helicopter Girls X The Aerial Film Company 

AFC Director of Photography Phil Arntz has operated with our drone team since 2017. Founded together with helicopter pilot Will Banks, AFC is a truly end-to-end aerial filming supplier with a fleet of aircraft, multiple gyro-stabilised camera systems, cameras, lenses, a multi camera array and dedicated 24/7 operations team. This fully integrated approach offers productions unrivalled support every step of the way.


Our AS350 and AS355 helicopters offer exceptional power, manoeuvrability and safety margins for congested area operations. With unparalleled aerial stunt permissions including human underslung, skydives, hover drops and abseils, we can assist you in the planning and execution of spectacular stunt sequences. Additionally, our fleet of ten helicopters offer advantages well beyond aerial filming requirements. Whether you need a charter for talent or equipment moved to location, we can provide these aircraft services in-house.


The largest of our 6-axis gyro stabilized platforms. Unshakeable stability for even the largest payloads. Accommodating an almost limitless range of cameras and lenses, the K1 provides unmatched flexibility in the field. The K1 can also be paired with our Hammerhead array and fleet of RED V-Raptor FF’s to capture high resolution plates for VFX


The Hammerhead Array is our 3 camera large format array which makes aerial VFX capture more accessible than any other system in it’s class. At the heart are three Red Digital Cinema V-Raptor 8K FF cameras and a matched set of Carl Zeiss CP.3 XD 21mm lenses. The Hammerhead is provided as a pre-configured payload to allow for quick interchangeability with a single camera. This allows productions to efficiently use the Shotover K1 across multiple units.


The Shotover F1 offers the same exceptional stabilization capabilities as the Shotover K1, but in a much smaller package. The F1 is capable of accommodating a wide range of payloads. Its lightweight carbon fiber construction allows for easy disassembly and transportation, making it a cost-effective solution for productions abroad.

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