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First Person View is a style of flying which enables the pilot to fly with incredible speed and accuracy. Our team is led by drone racing World Champion Luke Bannister and we bring a range of fixed and hybrid FPV drones to ensure we nail the shot every time.


The camera is hard mounted to the drone meaning the horizon is not stabilised. Moves are characteristically dynamic, fast and fluid and the drone can perform hairpin turns and rolls. Payloads include our in-house RED Raptor, Komodo, ZCams E3 F6 and Sony FX6 with with specially adapted light weight cine lenses, CMotion LCS and DJI TX system for robust signal. 


The speed and accuracy of fixed FPV drones with the addition of a stabilised remote head which can be top mounted or underslung, allowing the camera operator full camera movement control. We operate a range of hybrid systems suited to different environments and tasks whether flying inside close to artists, hand catching to introduce a handheld transition into a shot or for longer flight times or heavy payloads. Capable of lifting a fully loaded gimbal up to 13.5kg. 

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