The future is Mini

News: 27/02/2015

The most sought after camera in the world took a ride on our MoVI 15 through Soho today. This is Arri’s pre production model of the ALEXA Mini, which we can’t wait to take in the air later this spring. The body weighs 2.3kg and the AUW of this set up on the MōVI 15 was 7.55kg. When we bought our first FreeFly Cinestar 8 frame in 2011 we never imagined it would lead to this, but here we are, and here’s to a beautiful future! 2015 is definitely the year of the multi-rotor.. What delights await at NAB?!

Alexa Mini Helicopter Girls

ALEXA Mini on the MōVI 15

ALEXA Mini Helicopter Girls

ALEXA Mini on MōVI 15