Film of the month

Spec: Alexa Mini, MŌVI 15, ARRI WCU-4 LCS
Project ref: Various
Date: 2015 to 2016

Selected Work

Date: 08/10/2016
The Escape, Dir. Paul Franklin DoP Michael Coulter
Date: 08/09/2016
Burberry Preview
Date: 08/09/2016
Biffy Clyro, Samsung VR Hypercube
Date: 08/08/2016
Tourist RUN, Partizan
Date: 08/06/2016
McDonalds, We Are Awake, Tantrum
Date: 08/01/2016
Fungus The Bogeyman, Sky
Date: 08/01/2016
And Then There Were None, BBC
Date: 19/07/2015
Mission Impossible 5
Date: 01/07/2015
BAFTA winning ‘Detectorists’
Date: 24/06/2015
Welcome to The Mosque BBC 2
Date: 24/06/2015
Commercial with ALEXA Mini
Date: 12/05/2015
All Aboard! The Canal Trip
Date: 02/08/2014
Teens, Channel 4
Date: 14/07/2014
Da Vinci’s Demons Season 2 & 3
Date: 05/04/2014
The Art of Gothic, BBC Four