• Reliable aircraft you can trust.
    Freefly ALTA 8 & MoVI Pro aerial systems that carry our ALEXA Mini and RED cameras with anamorphic or cine lenses and full lens control.
  • Unparalleled camera and lens control at extended ranges.
    Our Alexa Mini package comes with ARRI WCU-4 and Cforce mini lens control system.
  • We can carry a range of lightweight cine lenses with dual axis lens control and ultra light weight matte box.
  • We work all over the world.
    We make travelling easy and efficient.
  • £10 million public liability. CAA PfCO. Day and Night flying. We take care of non standard flight clearances or requests to fly within reduced safety cordons in congested areas.
  • As one of the first drone film companies in the UK we're experienced working across Features, Drama, Factual Television and Commercials.

As one of the first professional UAS operators The Helicopter Girls team is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the business. We have been working together since the birth of the industry, specialising in the use of cutting edge UAV and stabilisation technologies to craft compelling aerials for film and television.

Our team of world class pilots, aerial camera operators and aerial AC’s have extensive experience on challenging sets with credits from Mission Impossible 5 and Jack Ryan (Paramount), to Endeavour (ITV), Strike series (BBC) to car commercials for KIA and Volkswagen.

Our clients include Features, Drama, Commercials and Factual productions. As a top tier CAA approved operator we have trusted relationships with the CAA, NATS and 1st Option Safety ensuring we are always able to deliver our service safely and efficiently.

Behind the scenes we plan shoots meticulously, working with productions to make sure every aspect goes smoothly, from testing bespoke lenses in advance to attaining international permissions and working with location safety.

We have a 100% safety record and use only the best, professional grade equipment. As part of our fleet we have an identical back up aircraft and gimbal for productions that require it. We carry £10 million public liability insurance.




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