New Sony FS7

News: 16/01/2015

New Year, New Kit!

SONY FS7 K for better quality aerials

We collected our Sony FS7 camera last week and it’s already in hot demand. It looks like this will be rivalling the Canon C300 as the go-to camera for many factual productions, so for aerial work it means we can finally offer quality that cuts in seamlessly with sequences shot on the ground. It balances really nicely on the MōVI 15 and we’ll be hiring this out with a talented MōVI operator both on the ground and in the air.  No doubt Kat will be blogging about the camera in the coming weeks.


Heavy Lift Octocopter

Back in December we added a new, bespoke, heavy lift octocopter to the HG fleet which can efficiently fly an all up weight of 18kg, ready to push the envelope carrying different camera/lens combinations on the MōVI 15 gimbal. This is a shot taken during one of the many payload tests before we put anything too valuable underneath.