Welcome to The Mosque BBC 2

Congested Area filming - The Helicopter Girls

Working with Grace Productions and Director Robb Leech on his acclaimed film for BBC Two. We filmed the aerials on the Sony FS7 operating with the OSC allowing us to fly in the heart of East London.
BBC Press release 08.06.2015
Kim Shillinglaw, Controller BBC Two and Four, today announced a raft of new films from acclaimed documentary directors and producers, including Jane Treays, Robb Leech, Sarah Hardy, Blue Ryan, John Battsek, Stephen Bennett, Colin Barr and Clare Johns.

Kim Shillinglaw, Controller, BBC Two and BBC Four says: “BBC Two is a fantastic showcase for the some of the most exciting and acclaimed documentary film-makers working in the UK; alongside the incredible drama writers and producers we have on the channel, they make BBC Two a real platform for the best of British creativity. I’m very proud of the documentaries we are announcing today and the remarkable talent, often tackling difficult subjects, that we are able to support.

“Using a range of story-telling techniques, from self-shooting to fixed rigs, these films have unique and privileged access to many different aspects of modern British life, from David Lammy’s tough Tottenham constituency to the rarefied world of Country Life magazine and from the private world of the divorce clinic to the community Dunblane, 20 years on from the shattering massacre at Dunblane Primary School.

“I’m also pleased to announce today that following the success of the first series of The Detectives, Executive Produced by Colin Barr at Minnow Films, I have commissioned another series from the same team.”

The Mosque sees filmmaker Robb Leech gain unprecedented access to Britain’s biggest Muslim community, to capture a unique insight into the world behind its walls and the people who make up its congregation.

East London Mosque is the largest in Europe. Over a quarter of a million people walk through its doors on the Whitechapel Road during the month of Ramadan, and five thousand fills its walls for Friday prayers. It’s the central hub of East London’s Muslim community. Yet for many outside, it’s a place of mystery and the unknown.

Director Robb Leech first followed his step-brother Rich and his conversion to radical Islam, in My Brother The Islamist (2011), and its sequel My Brother The Terrorist (2014). In this new film, Robb will explore ‘everyday’ Islam in Britain, meeting its people and experiencing their faith at first hand.

Robb’s distinctive hand-held camera style gives a very personal feel to the documentary; this proves key as Robb captures the first emotional encounter between the Mosque’s charismatic young communications manager Salman and a distraught sister of one of the three Bethnal Green schoolgirls who flew out to join ISIS jihadists in Syria.